What Is the Perfect Teacher’s Gift?

canvas4“An apple for the teacher”… once the perfect gift to honor and thank those individuals who dedicate so much of their time and talents to help our children grow. In today’s world, the only “Apple” that a teacher would want is too expensive for most students to give at the end or year, or special holiday.

This year, give a gift of lasting memory that your child’s teacher will cherish for many years – a custom painted canvas of the class.

Let’s face it, teachers are tired of candy, mugs and gifts with outdated, themes like apples and chalkboards. Jewelry and perfume are too personal to buy for a teacher. Gift cards are very impersonal and the teacher will soon forget which student gave it. So many gifts are duplicated year after year.

A painting of the class will hang in the teachers’ classroom and constantly remind them of the special students and memories from that year.

Each scene is illustrated and painted on 18”x14” canvas board suitable for framing.Children are painted with a simple, childlike style. Their skin and hair color are matched and custom uniform colors or favorite colors can be matched. Every child’s name is listed along with teachers and teacher assistants who helped throughout the year. Children can be shown participating in their favorite activities.

Some popular background locations are classroom, playground or park scene. You provide the information and a drawing will be designed based on the
setting, children’s interests or an event during the school year.

Don’t wait until the last month of school to start the process! Once the class portrait is taken, orders can be placed.

The Perfect Teacher’s Gift is not limited to teachers! Remember these special people with a custom canvas painting:

  • Sports Coaches
  • Dance teams
  • Cheer and Gymnastic teams
  • Girl and Boy Scout troops
  • Choirs
  • Bands
  • Wedding parties

For more information, visit www.PerfectTeachersGift.com.

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