Introducing A New Web Gallery – Hand Painted and Custom Made Items


If you’ve browsed my website lately you will notice a newer section called “Hand Painted Items”. Even though I am a mural painter and spend most of my time painting on walls, occasionally I do get the request to paint on other surfaces such as furniture, signs or canvases. This gives me a chance to work out of my home and temporarily turn my office into an art studio. I will briefly describe what is shown in each section. Also, I’m very excited to now offer custom made rocking horses! They are truly unique… constructed by my husband, Michael, and painted by me, in my home office.

When is a canvas a better choice?

Sometimes canvases are the solution for the customer who is thinking about moving, wants something smaller, or just doesn’t want to make the commitment of a mural painted directly on the wall. The only downside of a canvas is the added cost of the blank canvas. Any canvas over 4’ has to be stretched to order and is an extra charge above my cost of materials and time. A popular canvas this time of year is “The Perfect Teacher’s Gift”. The end of the school year is quickly approaching! Please check out my “Perfect Teacher’s Gift” page to see samples. Remember to place your order now to avoid the June rush.

I also have samples of hand painted DOC Band Cranial Helmets. These helmets have been used to safely and successfully treat more than 100,000 babies with moderate to severe plagiocephaly. They are manufactured in a plain white color but I can personalize them to match each baby’s unique beauty and style. Take a look at the variety of samples on my website. Unlike vinyl stickers, you are not limited to a pre-set design or idea. My customer supplies me with the helmet, and I can turn around a finished piece in a day or two.

Any of the hand painted furniture images shown on my website are pieces that I’ve received and painted to match a bedroom theme or personalize with a name, etc. They are not for sale, just sample ideas.


Now Offering Custom Made Rocking Horses

Anyone who knows me, knows I love animals, love painting them and am especially fond of carousel horses and menagerie animals. The incredible artistry and beauty of the carvings, detailed trappings and even the painted panels around the carousel have inspired me since I was a little girl.

I have repainted old rocking horses or newly constructed rocking horses but never found quite the right size, weight and style that I liked. So my husband, Michael, set up a workshop in our garage and began cutting templates, and assembling rocking horses until we came up with a sturdy design that we both liked. Each horse is made of solid pine and weighs approx. 17 lbs., and stands approx. 18” to the top of saddle.

custom_rocking_horsesI’ve chosen 10 designs that replicate actual horses from some of the greatest carousel artists of the early 20th century such as Daniel Muller, William Dentzel and Charles W. Parker, just to name a few. If you want to order a horse, you are not limited to those designs. I can custom paint to match a child’s room or paint in the style of a favorite sports team. Each horse is coated with a protective layer of polyeurothane and can be customized with child’s name.

I am selling the horses for $250 each, shipping not included. Free delivery options are available in the New Jersey area.

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