How do I choose the right mural for my child?

Making home improvement decisions are not always easy, especially when it comes to your children. You may have a certain decorating style throughout your home but your child wants his or her room to reflect their own personality. Sometimes new parents are confused while choosing the right colors and bedding for the nursery. Will the room style grow with the child? There are so many questions and many options for decorating but not everything can be found in stores to fit that exact space or to fit that unique personality and family experience.

Nurseryweb18Nursery murals can reflect the personality and interests of the parents. Of course an infant cannot choose between sports or trains but the dad’s train collection will influence his curiosity for the first few years and he will probably recognize the train murals painted on his wall and respond to them. If mom is a nature lover, she probably will take her daughter for walks in the park, show her the birds and decorate her house with flowers. In that home, a garden-themed nursery mural may be a good choice for the early years. Moms and dads spend a lot of time in the nursery rocking baby and changing diapers. It should be an enjoyable and relaxing room for them as well as the baby. In families with multiple kids there can be one room designated as “the nursery” that stays “baby themed” and each child changes rooms as they grow older and make room for the new baby, that eliminates the need to repaint the room.

Nurseryweb21Nurseries themes can originate from bedding or popular storybook, movie, or TV characters. If you find the perfect nursery crib bedding set, the entire room can be designed around that theme. If baby has an older brother or sister who is familiar with morning kids’ shows and movies then a character nursery would be a good choice. Character-themed bedroom murals will delight infants and their siblings with the bright colors and recognizable faces and stay interesting into early elementary school years. Don’t forget your ABCs and 123s! One of my favorite nursery murals was an animal alphabet that I painted around a room as a border. It is cute, colorful and educational! Imagine walking around the room with your baby pointing to all the letters and teaching him as you rock him to sleep. It is like a storybook opened on your walls.

Murals are usually the last step when setting up your nursery. I need to see the position and heights of furniture before designing the murals. You wouldn’t want that beautiful painting hiding behind a book shelf would you?

Nurseryweb8I spent quite a bit of time talking about nurseries. When your child is ready to update his or her bedroom, they will have a definite opinion of what they like. This is a good time to personalize the room with child’s name or sports jersey with number and favorite team. Interests change quite a bit through teen years. One of my favorite teen murals is a painted shelf with a trophy, tap shoe, cheer pompoms and a cat lying on top. Memories build each year and are added to the mural. Inspirational quotes are also a good choice for teenagers. These can be strategically placed above the desk so they see it every time they sit to do homework. Painted murals outlast posters and can fit any area of the room.

Browse my gallery for more ideas. I would be happy to help you with your design decisions.

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