Do you charge by the hour?
I do not price by exact number of hours I’m on the job, but on the size and amount of detail of the mural. I compare each job to another of similar size and scope that I’ve painted and adjust the estimate when necessary. For example, a ceiling mural or stairway mural will cost more than the same mural painted on a wall using a small ladder.

Do you offer free estimates?
Yes, First meetings and estimates are free, including a rough concept in Photoshop for easy editing.

Do you travel out of New Jersey?
Yes. I have painted in New York and Pennsylvania and I am willing to travel to other states.

What determines the cost of a mural?
The size, level of detail, placement of mural, distance traveled, condition of wall surface and any additional supplies that have to be purchased or rented will add to the cost of a mural.

What mural sizes are available?
I have painted murals ranging from a square foot to an entire room. The size changes depending on the requirements of the job.

Is there a minimum mural size?
As of now, no, but that could change depending on the distance I would have to travel to paint something under 12”. Is the effort worth my time?

Is there a maximum mural size?
Probably the side of a building would be my maximum size. That would require a different technique and pricing structure.

How long will my mural last on my wall?
It depends on whether the mural is painted in a heavy-traffic area where it will get scuffed up or bumped frequently. I have murals painted 15 years ago that still look great.

Is there a way to keep my mural up longer?
Murals are not decals. They are permanent unless you paint over them. Best advice is to have me apply acrylic polyurethane on top of mural to protect it from damage and to be easier to wipe off.

Can my mural be painted outdoors?
Yes. That will require a different process from indoor murals.

Can I get my mural painted on any surface?
I have painted on sheetrock, cinderblock and wood surfaces with success. I can also paint on tiles. Glass and metal murals tend to peel off and I wouldn’t recommend those surfaces.

Is it more money to paint a mural on the ceiling?
Yes. Some ceiling murals require scaffold setup charges which are extra.

What kind of paint do you use?
I mainly use Acrylic, water-based paints that have no fumes. I also use Latex paint for large areas. If you are concerned with latex fumes, I can buy the low or no VOC paints as requested.

I’m an artist. Can I help paint the mural with you?
That would have to be discussed at the time of estimate. If our styles work well together, I don’t see why not. This is a great idea for schools. I can create outlines for children to fill-in… like a coloring book.

My wall has a rough texture will that affect the mural?
Yes it will. Certain types of murals will not look good on very rough surfaces.

How should I prepare my walls for the mural painting?
If the wall is clean and in good condition with the colors you like then it should be fine. Otherwise, prime and base coat with eggshell finish. I will also work on flat paint if that is your preference. I can recommend colors to go with the mural. Please leave the extra base paint for me at the time I start in case there is any blending or touchups required when I’m finished.

Will it reduce the cost if I prepare my walls myself before the mural painting?
No, that is my expectation before I begin. But if you want me to base-paint your wall for you, that will be an extra charge above mural pricing.

Can I create my own design for a mural painting?
Of course! Ask me about some examples of murals that were designed by customers.

If I can’t come up with a design for the mural could you help?
I just need a general concept and maybe some samples of things you like and I’ll work from there to help you finalize your design.

Will a mural increase the value of my home?
I think so but I don’t have data to back up my opinion.

Is it easy to remove the mural when I want to?
Use a really good primer to cover over mural. You may need to do some light sanding if there is a buildup of paint.

Can you paint your mural on a canvas instead?
Yes, Canvas paintings are usually less expensive as long as they are a standard size, and can be shipped anywhere in the world.