How can a painted mural increase sales and benefit my customers?

Restweb23One of the first questions any business owner wants answered before spending money on capital improvement is “Will this increase my sales?” or they may ask “What is the benefit of this product over another?” Well, I am going to do my best in this blog to convince you that investing in a custom mural is definitely going to make your business noticed for all the right reasons. Most business murals fall within these 3 categories: restaurants, community establishments and healthcare facilities. Each one has their unique set of requirements to attract new and retain existing clients. I receive feedback continuously from murals painted 10 or more years ago that continue to delight new and existing customers.

Restweb7What makes a restaurant memorable and one that you will continue to visit? The obvious answer is good quality food, exceptional service and reasonable pricing. What about the “dining experience”? What do you remember most about your experiences at places like the Rainforest Café or any themed restaurant in Disney World? Diners feel as though they have suddenly traveled to another land or back in time. A painted mural can enhance the restaurant’s theme and add interest and excitement. Painted wall murals are cleaner, easier to maintain and safer than hanging dust-collecting objects over tables where patrons are being served. Small spaces can be made to appear larger and all murals can easily be designed to work around existing furniture and windows.

The main purpose of community murals is not to increase sales but to educate and inspire everyone from very young to young at heart. Educational murals are a wonderful asset to any school or community library. Children learn at different rates and in different ways. “Visual” learners prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding. Placing murals at various locations throughout the school will teach and inspire kids even when they are out of the classroom. Locations such as the lunchroom, media center, hallway and gymnasium are great for murals. Inspirational murals are not only a positive influence to our children but, in a different style, bring peace and comfort to our community of faith. Church murals are a beautiful way for parishners of any faith to memorialize loved ones for many years to come.

Pediweb16Healthcare facilities make up the largest percent of my business customers. Custom murals surround the patients with a relaxing environment when they first enter the waiting or exam rooms. Anxious children and adults can easily get lost in the details of a mural while waiting for the doctor. Children who are distracted and talking to their parents about the mural aren’t thinking about the booster shot they are about to get. Different themed rooms are interesting and exciting for kids when they are seeing a doctor for the first time. Just like the food establishments, cleanliness is crucial to the healthcare establishments. Wall murals are protected with a clear polyeurothane and can be sanitized from curious fingers. No threat of being pulled off wall or peeling from the wall like decals do.

As you can see, the secret to retaining your current customers and bringing in new ones is to go above and beyond what is expected and boring. Throw away those framed floral prints and black and white photos of the NYC skyline. Give your place of business a new look that is custom painted to fit your individual theme and catered to your business while adding that “WOW” factor.

The WOW factor in your business is “Walls Of Wonder”.

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